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  1.  Healing Arthritis in our petsMaxine is a miniature fox terrier who once had arthritis.Read more »
  2.  Healing the Koala's burnt pawsAustralia sees some amazing extremes of weather. Sometimes lightning starts bushfires, so we have to be prepared to help.Read more »
  3.  Did you Know?Healthy Living with Aloe Vera Fact File #1Read more »
  4.  Fancy That!Fancy, a little black miniature schnauzer, was terribly sick. So on the Monday morning, Sharon decided to take her to see the vet.Read more »
  5.  Toby's shrinking tumorToby, an eight year King Charles Cavalier, was found to have a large cancerous tumor in his mouth. Surgery wasn't an option.Read more »
  6.  Questions and AnswersTo ask a question, or tell us about your Aloe vera experiences, use the online form at the bottom of this web page > Contact Us .Read more »
  7.  Maxine's Dog AttackOne day, Maxine forgot how small she really is, and was viciously attacked by another, much bigger dog.Read more »
  8.  Feral dogs attack a local farmer's horsesWhile Tom was away for the weekend, two of his horses were savagely attacked by dogs.Read more »
  9.  HOW TO: Prepare Aloe vera gel for eatingAt first it seems like a chore, but with time it becomes second-nature.Read more »
  10.  Protecting your Aloe vera plantsThe years fly by so fast it's a good job we have the seasons to guide us. Here are some ways you can take care of your plants so that they grow well and endure the extremes. Read more »
  11.  Super Survivor!I once had four lovely and healthy layer hens.Read more »
  12.  Extreme SurvivalIt's amazing how the Aloe vera plant adapts to the extremes of the seasons.Read more »
  13.  Aloe Vera Toothpaste for petsWe all have bacteria, fungus and other germs in our bodies. The mouth is the main gateway for these things to to get inside us.Read more »
  14.  Miracle Doggie TreatsThese amazing Miracle Doggie Treats are an excellent way to reward your pet, and feed them some immune-boosting Aloe Vera at the same time. Delicious!Read more »
  15.  Healing Arthritis in HumansMy hands were feeling stiff and the joints in my fingers were swelling and becoming very sore.Read more »
  16.  Cookin' for CuresCookin' for Cures is my seventh book. It is doctor-endorsed, and it helps people learn how to use the Aloe vera plant in their food, drinks and topically for themselves and their pets.Read more »