How we use your information and browsing data

Almost every website online collects information about visitors. At Healthy Living with Aloe Vera ("we", "our", "website", "us", "company"), we only use your information for up-keep and maintenance of this very website and to deliver a personalised service to you. We will never sell or give your private information or browsing data to anyone. We respect your privacy and uphold everyone's rights to remain anonymous on the Internet.


The cookie stored on your computer by our servers, is designed to give you continuity while browsing this website. There is no personal data stored in the cookie, and the reference code it contains cannot be used to identify you. One component of the cookie is session-based, thus it expires (and is deleted) when you close your web browser. Another component of the cookie lives for up to 30 days on your computer and it is used to prevent the eNews sign-up screen from continually appearing each time you visit one of our pages.

Reports and Statistics

We, like most websites, reserve the right to generate statistics reports from your browsing data and form posts, for internal company use. These reports do not reveal any personal information about you, merely highlight our most popular articles and pathways taken by visitors to this website. Again, here at Healthy Living with Aloe Vera we neither sell the report results nor share the results of our reports with anyone.

Competitions - publication of winners

If you sign-up to our FREE e-Newsletter you are only required to provide your first name and a contact email address. The list is kept private and will never be sold or given to anyone. If you WIN one of our competitions, we will give you a phone number to call or an email address to contact so that you can provide a postal address for us to deliver your prize. The details you provide are kept private, apart from the publication of your winning on the website which includes your first initial, surname and suburb. If you are a winner and wish your details to be kept completely unpublished, then we are happy to oblige upon request.

Terms of Use

By browsing the website ("we", "our", "website", "us", "company"), you consent to us collecting statistics of your visit and browsing patterns.

You pledge to follow fair-use guidelines and common-sence practices, which means:

  1. You will not craft or spoof hyperlinks by changing any part of the link in your web browser address bar.
  2. You will not hold us liable for any damages associated with the viewing or interaction with this website.
  3. You will not hold us liable for any comments made by a third-party on the Disqus comments for each page/article.
  4. You will not send us SPAM or unsolicited messages to us. Failure to comply may result in the banning of your IP Address on this, and all websites and servers. Be aware that we use an automated email-farming catcher as recommended by So if you inadvertantly come across a page containing mailto: email addresses, understand that these all are fakes, designed to frustrate email farmers who use web-mirroring techniques to trawl the Internet for email addresses.
  5. You will always use a level-head and be kind when you make any feedback or comments on this website. Rudeness is not necessary to have yourself heard, and will not be tolerated. In extreme cases of continual harrassment, offenders' IP Addresses may be blocked at the discretion of our moderators.
  6. You will always keep your software updated/patched, and use a quality Virus Scanner on your computer to avoid infection, even though we do our best to make sure that all content and links on this website are free from malware.
  7. You will always consult a health care professional before attempting any of the food and drink techniques or medical advice displayed on this website.

Thank-you for reading our Terms of Use. You are a great citizen of the Internet :)

What to do if I disagree?

If you do not agree with any of the terms or our privacy policy, please navigate away from the site and discontinue your browsing session.